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We are building a partnership between European cities and Ukraine municipalities to support the green and sustainable reconstruction
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We are looking for municipalities and donors all over the world to support Ukrainian municipalities in their efforts in green reconstruction

We are identifying critically important public buildings in Ukraine - kindergartens, schools, and hospitals. Together with the municipalities, we are preparing green reconstruction plans, including green technologies. Our aim is to help Ukrainians to reconstruct their facilities and shows that reconstruction can be done in a sustainable way, providing Ukrainian municipalities with a clean environment and money savings
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Preparation for reconstruction
started in May 2023
Shepetivka is located in the Khmelnytskyi region and is known as a train hub. The reconstruction is focused on the local hospital, where we aim to install solar panels and heat pumps instead of old coal heating system.

The hospital was damaged during the missile attack by Russia in the summer of 2022. During this attack, the roof of the building was heavily damaged, but the city was able to repair it. Reconstruction will make the hospital energy independent in case of energy cuts and help to reduce pollution.
in progress
Preparation for reconstruction
started in May 2023
Okhtyrka municipality is in the Sumy region, only 30 kilometers from the Russian border. The city was heavily damaged since the beginning of the invasion. Due to a rocket attack, debris and an explosive wave damaged the facade of the building, roof, and windows; the doors were knocked out. The reconstruction is focused on local kindergarten that educates 170 children, including children with disabilities. We aim to install solar panels to ensure the kindergarten's stable and energy-independent work.
in progress
Reconstruction started
in June 2023
Hostomel municipality is located close to Kyiv and was occupied by Russia during the first days of the invasion. The local kindergarten was heavily damaged; the roof, facade of the building, and the entrance group were damaged, windows and entrance and interior doors were smashed, and explosive waves damaged interior walls. Our goal is to install solar panels for this kindergarten with the support of Graz City. Local NGOs also work on insulation, installation of new windows and doors, and roof repair. 
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Ivankiv is a small city in the north of Kyiv region. It was damaged during the first days of the invasion and later occupation by Russia. The building of the local hospital needs to be restored, as this is the only medical institution for the Ivankiv and the nearest villages. It needs walls, roof insulation, and also the installation of solar panels to ensure energy stability. However, the building is old, it was constructed in 1906. 
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The municipality is located in the Dnipro region. As a result of the Russian invasion, the building of the sewage treatment plant on the territory of the Apostolivska territorial community was damaged; namely, windows and doors were damaged. The city is in need of need reconstruction of wastewater treatment facilities. We also aim to showcase here green and modern technologies for water treatment. 
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The Greening Ukraine Reconstruction project advocates the idea of sustainable rebuilding in the country. We aim to showcase the best modern technologies for reconstruction.
After 11 months of war, a hospital near Kyiv crippled by Russian shelling has been reconstructed with a heat pump and solar power system, boosting the building’s energy independence, the community’s resilience, and reducing the country’s CO2emissions.

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