Reconstruction started in June 2023

Hostomel is a municipality located in the Bucha region, which was heavily damaged during the war. Greenpeace has already started a cooperation with this municipality - in February 2023, we finished a reconstruction of a hospital in Horenka, which is a part of Hostomel municipality. A hospital in Horenka has become a symbol of green reconstruction in the region - using the advantages of solar energy and heat pump. Now we want to help the municipality with one more object of critical infrastructure.

The municipality has identified another important object for a reconstruction - a kindergarten, which provides daycare for up to 100 children from surrounding villages. It is the only kindergarten in Horenka village, which is getting ready to open its doors for the children again.

The kindergarten was heavily damaged by Russian attacks in spring 2022.However, the municipality is very actively trying to reconstruct their critical infrastructure and is eager to make the reconstruction green and sustainable. Together with the municipality administration, we have prepared a plan for green reconstruction of the kindergarten. With the help of various Ukrainian NGOs, the municipality has managed to do the main repairs, take energy efficiency measures and reconstruct the roof, which is now ready for the installation of the photovoltaic panels. We want to help the municipality to finalize the reconstruction - installation of solar panels and we are looking for a partner municipality to help Hostomel with the reconstruction.

The total cost of the solar installation is 17 000 Eur. The kindergarten is ready to install the solar panels and finalize the reconstruction process and open its doors for the children again.

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