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Ukraine needs to reconstruct their critical and social infrastructure, which was either damaged or destroyed due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This creates an opportunity to rebuild schools, hospitals and other critical public buildings, which will bring them long term benefits - saving energy and money, providing a clean and healthy environment and a stability as well as independence from Russian gas and other fossil fuels. We are working  together with environmental organizations and local authorities in Ukraine to rebuild the country sustainably and create showcases of a green reconstruction, which will become examples for the whole country.

With local partners in Ukraine, we started a project of green reconstruction of crucial public infrastructure in Ukraine. In February, we finished a pilot project - a reconstruction of a hospital in Horenka, where we installed a solar power plant and a heat pump in order to support the energy resilience of this facility. The hospital in Horenka is proof that green technologies are the most effective way to rebuild a war-ridden country with mid-and long-term benefits for both the environment and local municipalities. The hospital in Horenka already runs 100% renewables on some days - thanks to it the hospital can run safely even during power outages, which are unfortunately still happening due to attacks and damages.

City partnership with municipalities 

Huge part of the reconstruction process is happening on the municipal level - Ukrainian municipalities are very active with the reconstruction but many of them need financial support as well as knowledge in the implementation of modern energy efficient technologies. Therefore, we are helping Ukrainian municipalities to connect with municipalities around the world, which could help them to reconstruct their public infrastructure. We are helping municipalities in Ukraine to prepare a green reconstruction plan for their public buildings (mainly schools and hospitals), to make sure that the reconstruction will bring them long-term benefits. In order to do the actual reconstruction, we facilitate partnerships between them and municipalities in Europe. 

Examples of our projects:

The hospital in Shepetivka was damaged during a missile attack in August 2022. This particular hospital provides healthcare not only for local citizens but also for railway workers from different parts of Ukraine. The  municipality has done the basic repairs in order to keep the hospital running, but it is still struggling. We want to help the municipality with bigger and sustainable reconstruction, which would secure them long term stability and efficiency. At the moment the hospital still uses coal for heating, which we plan to replace with modern solutions.

Kindergarten in Hostomel is already under reconstruction. Hostomel is located in the Bucha region, which was under heavy attacks and left with many buildings waiting for reconstruction. After repairing and insulating the roof, we plan to install solar panels and make the building energy efficient. Thanks to solar panels, the kindergarten will be able to provide services even during electricity blackouts.All these projects will be used as showcases of best practices for reconstruction of Ukraine and we will try to make sure these projects will push the standards for overall reconstruction in the country and abroad. We hope to see many energy-independent schools and hospitals in Ukraine in a few years of reconstruction. And we also hope that you can help us to make it possible.

Contact our team:

Lucia Sumegova,
partnership coordinator - lucia.sumegova@greenpeace.org

Polina Kolodiazhna,
partnersip coordinator - pkolodia@greenpeace.org

For media contacts:

Daryna Rogachuk,
communication manager - daryna.rogachuk@greenpeace.org

Lucia Sumegova - partnership coordinator - lucia.sumegova@greenpeace.org 

Polina Kolodiazhna - partnership coordinator - pkolodia@greenpeace.org 

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