Greenpeace on the traces of radioactivity in Ukraine

In October and November 2023, a Greenpeace radiation survey team operated for three weeks in Ukraine. They visited the site of the world's worst nuclear disaster at Chornobyl in northern Ukraine and traveled to the southern region near what could be the world's next nuclear disaster at Zaporizhzhya. There, in cooperation with the Ukrainian NGO SaveDnipro, they deployed radiation sensors to monitor and provide early warnings in the event of a radioactive release.

Five members of the Greenpeace team took turns recording their experiences in a diary. They write about encounters with border control officers fascinated by their radiation measuring devices, the spooky streets of Kyiv under curfew, having lunch in the cantine of Chornobyl nuclear power plant or setting up sensors in the south of Ukraine. Throughout their time in Ukraine, they experienced numerous moving encounters with local residents, sharing stories of resilience, hope, and endurance. Through the eyes of the Greenpeace team, and the stories of those they encountered, the diary shares an insight into the challenges of environmental issues amidst the complexities of a country in crisis.


Lucia Sumegova - partnership coordinator - 

Polina Kolodiazhna - partnership coordinator - 

Daryna Rogachuk- communication officer -
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