Preparation for reconstruction started in May 2023

The hospital in Shepetivka was damaged during a missile attack in August 2022. This particular hospital provides healthcare not only for local citizens but also for railway workers from different parts of Ukraine. The  municipality has done the basic repairs in order to keep the hospital running, but it is still struggling. We want to help the municipality with bigger and sustainable reconstruction, which would secure them long term stability and efficiency. 

The reconstruction plan involves changing the heating system (at the moment the hospital runs on coal, which adds to air pollution in the area) and walls and roof insulation and possibly add a solar system as well. This particular project is very important because it not only helps the community but it can be a showcase of getting rid of coal and changing it for a better, efficient and sustainable heating system for other schools and hospitals in Ukraine, which are still running on coal. The municipality is ready to start the reconstruction process once they have the missing fundings.


The municipality is located in the Khmelnytskyi region and consists of three small villages and one city, Shepetivka.

Population: ~ 43 000

Territory: 172.8 km2

Reconstruction project proposal: Changing the heating system + walls and roof insulation and possibly add a solar system as well for the local hospital.

About the building: Building of the hospital was constructed in 1954 (two floors), total area - 999.5 m2. Currently, 82 people are undergoing treatment, the institution has a palliative care unit, and an oncology unit is planned. Resources consumed: cold water, electricity, and solid fuel.

How it was damaged? The hospital was damaged during a missile attack on August 24, 2022. The biggest damage was to the roof of the building. 

City background: Shepetivka is an important train hub. It is also close to Nuclear Power Plant, only 30 kilometers. ​​The largest enterprises whose products are known outside the region and Ukraine are Shepetivka Sugar Plant and Shepetivka Repair Plant. 

Other destructions in the municipality caused by the Russian invasion: The most significant attack was in August 2022, when the hospital was damaged.

“A kindergarten, several schools, and a music school were damaged. One of the schools suffered the most. All the windows in these institutions have been measured, and orders for plastic windows have been placed. They will be installed in a few days," said the mayor. - "The roof of the hub hospital was heavily damaged. Utilities are already working there. There were patients in the hospital, and no one was injured."

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