Preparation for reconstruction started in May 2023
Kindergarten in Okhtyrka was damaged in May 2022 by a Russian attack. The local resistance to Russian attacks was very strong, the city defended themselves for a long time, it was even honored by a status of a Hero City by president Zelenskyj. However, as a result of the long fights, the number of damaged buildings in the municipality is very high. This kindergarten is one of them. It provided education for over 200 children, including children with disabilities. The municipality has already done some basic repairs, but in order to reopen, the building needs further reconstruction. The main issue is the roof, which was heavily damaged and needs full replacement. We want to help the municipality to insulate the building and install solar pannels.

Okhtyrka municipality is located in Sumy Oblast, Ukraine. The municipality consists of 10 small villages and one city - Okhtyrka. 

About the building: Kindergarten “Kazka” (A Fairytale), 2153 square meters, 1.5 hectares. Over 170 children - 11 age groups (1.3-8 years old), including five groups of inclusive education for children with disabilities. 61 employees. Due to the lack of a roof, they are forced to study online, although children with special needs are required for special care.

How it was damaged: 05/17/2022, due to a rocket attack, debris and an explosive wave damaged the facade, roof and windows, the doors were knocked out. The Arche nova organization replaced 129 windows and 12 doors. Insulation of the facade is needed. 

City economic background: Since the 2000s, the city's economy has been based on oil and gas enterprises, including Okhtyrka Petroleum Production Division and Okhtyrsk UBD, both divisions of PJSC Ukrnafta, and the food industry: OJSC Okhtyrka Garment Factory, OJSC Okhtyrka Brewery, a bakery, a meat processing plant, and Okhtyrka Cheese Factory.

Other destructions in municipalities: Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, Okhtyrka has been on the frontline. The city is only 30 kilometers from the russian border and was one of the first cities attacked by the russian army in 2022. Having failed to take Okhtyrka, the Russians turned to terror tactics. They began shelling the city with Grad rockets, and on 26 February, they dropped three vacuum bombs on it from aircraft. In the following days, the Russian invaders shelled Okhtyrka daily with rocket artillery and carried out air raids. On the night of 8 March, the city center was bombed. The bombs destroyed the city council and severely damaged neighboring buildings, including a local department store, a culture and leisure center, and a local history museum. 

Other information/notes: On 24 March 2023, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a decree granting Okhtyrka the status of a Hero City.

Here you can find photos of how the kindergarten looks before the reconstruction:

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